Structural Waterproofing

Structural waterproofing for your property

What is Structural Waterproofing?.....

Structural waterproofing is the generic term for techniques which allow buildings to be constructed below ground level and which prevent the ingress of ground water through walls and floors which are all, at least in part, underground. These techniques can be retro-fitted to existing structures to control dampness or water ingress or in new buildings to prevent damp or water penetration post-construction into basements, underground vaults & cellars, service lift shafts etc.

Buildings with a history of below ground dampness may have been previously treated with a structural waterproofing system (or ‘tanking’). Developments in material technology and application methods mean that it is now possible to replace old or failed waterproofing systems with confidence. Structural waterproofing may be combined with the injection of a chemical injection damp proof course where damp exists above and below ground in the same wall.

Cannon Clarke Ltd offers a full feasibility, design and installation service for structural waterproofing for residential and commercial clients and always works to the BS:8102-2009 standard. Cannon Clarke Ltd has over 30 years of experience in providing structural waterproofing services and is a long standing member of the British Structural Waterproofing Association (BSWA)..
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Specifying the appropriate system for your needs…..

As with our other services, the first step in assessing your need for structural waterproofing will be a site survey from one of our experienced surveyors or a review of the design drawings for new-build projects.

We will then be able to specify the most appropriate system for your needs. This will be either a Type A fully bonded slurry system which creates an impermeable layer on the walls and floors or a Type C cavity drain membrane (CDM) system which not only provides an impermeable membrane but has the added benefit of providing a route for managing active ground water to drain away successfully.

We regularly review the treatments & systems available to ensure that only the best products are recommended to our customers.
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